About Brett Stevens

Brett Stevens joined the NSW Police Force in 1982 where he served for 13 years. During this period, he worked at some of the toughest areas, such as King’s Cross, the red-light precinct of Sydney and various patrol, drug and tactical units.

From 1989 to the mid-1990s he moonlighted as a freelance photojournalist. Possessing a keen interest in law enforcement, Brett studied crime and tactics across the USA, interviewing hundreds of cops and published their stories in the international magazine market.

Having worked with a number of American anti-gang units and members of the Norteno and Crip gangs, he is sourced as an advisor to the media and government on the issues surrounding gangs.

Brett has also worked in the field of fire rescue in the resource sector and is a specialist consultant on leadership and crisis risk management for multinational entities.

In his spare time, he serves as a reservist in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.

Brett Stevens - Author of A Hard Place

Brett’s recent medical expertise

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Brett’s past expertise working with gangs around the world

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